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I quit sugar – completed!

My 8 week IQS program is finished!

What have I learned and gained from the change in lifestyle?

  • I do not feel like I am missing sugar
  • I have lost 3 kg. This is not an exceptional amount of weight loss and with most diets I would expect to lose more than that in 8 weeks. But… I have been eating quite a lot (often too much still), including lots of fats (avocado, greek yoghurt etc) and some weeks, quite a bit of take-away. I also started the 8-weeks within my healthy weight range (just), making weight loss a bit more difficult
  • I have wasted a lot less money on chocolate. While I am spending some more money on other foods like nuts, yoghurt, tahini, coconut oil and other similar goodies, these foods give me nutrients, not just sugar and fat!
  • I have been trying various new dishes and snacks

My celebratory dish was a raspberry yoghurt pie. It was delicious. I made it with 1 tablespoon of rice malt syrup instead of stevia and no gelatine. I felt it could have been a little sweeter, but don’t think it needed the gelatine. The base is delicious!

So where to from here? I have another 31 days of not eating chocolate for fulfill my 90-day chocolate challenge – the whole point of the exercise, at least in the beginning! I actually have no plans to significantly change what I am eating. I do not feel like I am missing sugar. I will likely be a little more casual when out with friends or family, particularly for a celebration.

And… my half marathon is on Sunday…. starting to feel nervous!


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