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I might be a runner, but I am still not very good!

I recently talked about how anyone can become a runner. A couple of days later I took the plunge to run with a running group. I then found out… I might be a runner, but that doesn’t mean I am any good at it!

I started running on the treadmill mostly. It is convenient and the weather is generally pretty good. I then started venturing outside, mostly around lakes (nice and flat) or sticking to flat trails. As my runs have gotten longer, I have found it necessary to start road running. It is undulating to hilly where I live, so this has been a big step for me.

The thought of running 16 km (~10 miles) or more daunted me, so I looked up running groups. There were only two that I could find in the vicinity. One group meets at 6am on a Saturday and the minimum speed required to run with them is 10 km / hr. Needless to say, both put me off. The second group had a variety of distances and ‘catered for a variety of speeds’. And their runs start at 8.15am, a much more reasonable time.

I went along to the second group. And was the slowest, by quite a distance. Luckily, there was a bike rider with me, as the back of the pack. At one stage, one of the runners in front turned to ask the cyclist what distance I was doing. You should have seen the runner in front’s shoulders slump when she realised she was stuck with me! I finished the run. Pretty slowly. But I felt pretty hopeless by the end.

I went along to find some people to run with. In the end I ran by myself, at the end of a big group. It was not inspiring, to say the least. So I have gone back to my solo runs, though I would love a running buddy if I could find one. I have since ran (jogged slowly) a few runs between 18 and 19.4 km, so I am ready for the race. I just hope the post-run pancakes are still around by the time I meander over the finish line…!


2 thoughts on “I might be a runner, but I am still not very good!

  1. I totally understand what you mean. Thank you for your honest assessment. To be frank, this is what has always put me off running clubs. I’m sure there are loads out that that are truly inclusive and do cater for all abilities but you hear so many stories like yours… I’m a solo runner too – at least in our world we are always at the front!!

    • I am sure there are some really good clubs out there. And I think this one would have been if I wasn’t training for the half marathon, but for a shorter distance. There were slower runners in the shorter distance group. It did make me realise I enjoy running by myself or with one other person. And… winning every run (by myself!)

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