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Week 8 – I quit sugar and chocolate

Temptation Chocolate

The end is almost in sight. Or is it?

I have not found the last 7 weeks quite as challenging as I expected. I have given up sugar and stuck with it fairly consistently, with my biggest transgression being an increase in take away food due to kitchen renovations and a trip away. Chocolate has not passed these lips, and I have barely felt temptation to do so. So why would I start eating sugar again?

It’s true that I still have not felt the amazing effects quitting sugar has given to others, but I know that I am healthier for the change. I also know that if I start eating sugar again, chocolate is sure to follow. And this, would not be a good thing.

We had some of the above Temptation Chocolate Magnum’s in the fridge over the weekend. Thankfully though, I was not tempted. But I thought it was an appropriate photo for my blog to have in it!

So what have I eaten this week instead of meals and sugary treats, like Temptation Chocolate? I have found hummus, and lately avocado hummus to be a great thing to have in the fridge to have with carrot sticks.  It is easy to make up and store in the fridge for a couple of days. Hummus also freezes quite well, although I have not frozen the avocado variation yet. Chia pudding with a few lightly warmed berries is also delicious and filling. My favourite breakfast is porridge with a combination of blueberries or raspberries, cinnamon, coconut flakes, nuts, chia, protein powder and cacao powder. Delicious! I have also been making some delicious, fresh meals for dinner now that the renovations are almost over and the kitchen is starting to look like a kitchen…

The kitchen renovations

The kitchen renovations



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