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I quit chocolate – week 6

I have made it to week 6 of quitting chocolate and sugar in general – oh how time flies when you are having fun!

Week 5 was spent busily working, then heading off to an interstate conference for a couple of days. I had thought the conference would be a food challenge. This conference did not disappoint!

Brownies with chocolate glaze.

Brownies with chocolate glaze. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There was a sweet morning tea, followed by lunch and fruit, and a sweet afternoon tea. The morning and afternoon teas consisted of an array of cakes, slices and biscuits. And you guessed it – they included chocolate cake and white chocolate and raspberry brownies. As has been the way along my quitting chocolate ‘journey’ (oh how I dislike that word!) though, I did not even feel like indulging. I had a glass of full cream milk instead of the morning and afternoon teas. I did have one obvious slip up at the conference, which was eating spring rolls… dipped in sweet chilli sauce. Did not even think about it until afterwards. It was a little more difficult going out for morning tea yesterday where friends had made chocolate mud cake layered with ganache, banana bread and caramel slice!!! But I did succeed in not having any sweet things there too.

Back to week 6. This week I can add a little sweetness back in. For me, this will mean a little fruit (bring on the blueberries!). Chocolately smoothies are back! And blueberries in my porridge. I do not plan on adding any artificial sweeteners or non-fructose sweeteners, like glucose, rice syrup or dextrose at this stage. My main aim this week is to get stuck into my vegies. Even though I have cut out sugar, my diet has not exactly been the best between renovations and travelling. I am also very keen to try the raspberry ripple and power balls. But with the renovations going on…. it could take a while!


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