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I quit chocolate – week 4

Well I’ve made it to week 4! And its going pretty well really. The only chocolate I’ve eaten was in a dream the other night. I was devastated. Then I realised it was a dream!

I have eaten a small amount of fruit in the last week. A tiny bit of banana when I forgot not to, and some blueberries after a 16 km long run. I have also started having an energy gel on my long run, which is a no-no in the detox phase, but I found some that are fructose free (Shotz gels), so I’m not too worried about those.

The task for this week it to face up to the little voices in my head that are asking if I am doing the right thing. Last week I mentioned that I am not having the epiphany that some others have had. I am still not. I have had some of those little voices in my head saying ‘what are you doing this for’… Thankfully no-one else has questioned my task and my husband is bemusedly putting up with it. I am doing as Sarah mentions and just giving it a go – we’ll see where it goes from there.

I have stocked up on a couple of items for snacks, although I am still struggling without fruit – I was totally enjoying my chocolatey smoothies before the fruit was dumped. There are some great sugar free snacks out there. Though without a kitchen / oven / stove-top a lot of my favourites are more difficult. This week I would like to try the IQS power balls. Last week I did end up making some hommus… it was potent to say the least. I’ll definitely be cutting back on the garlic next time. It has been a great snack idea to have with carrot and cucumber sticks. But only if I am not seeing anyone for the rest of the day!!!

I’d love to hear about your favourite sugar-free snacks….


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